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Emergency Water Damage Service 24/7

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Emergency-Water-Extraction $169 per hour

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Water Damage Emergency Services
Local Quick 30 min Arrival

Trained, certified technicians







14 - 38

We promise to dry your fears.
It is not as bad as you think it is !

Our Motto:
“Better Than Before it Happened”
Much good can come from this situation.

Everything is going to be OK! 



Client Testimonial
We were on the job within 15 minutes

Terry’s Team, cleaned and dried it so quickly the client could hardly believe it.  They stopped the water from spreading. Our-Quick-Action greatly limited the severity of the water damage.


clearing skys

Rain from inside the house
This house had been sitting for a while

Our Carpet Rescue Team arrived. We quickly removed the indoor humidity and indoor rain, with De-Humidifiers. Sucked out the carpet




See your crews in action here.

Thankfully, this house was lathe & plaster construction and the walls did not contain the paper dry wall backing that allows mold to grow in ideal conditions such as a water damage situation.




A Big one!